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Stay at Home Longer with PrimeCare Nursing Services


PrimeCare’s dedicated team of professionals is ready to help you and your loved ones as much or as little as needed. Our one-on-one care is built around the unique needs of each client. We meet with involved family members to develop an individualized care plan that will meet both temporary and long-term needs. Care is always available, even on weekends and holidays. Our goal is to work with our clients and help them continue to live at home, while living the lifestyle they have come to enjoy.

PrimeCare also provides quality one-on-one care to clients in the hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility. The expertise and training of our care team allows us to provide a wide-range of care services – including complete personal care, companion care, respite care, hospice care support and skilled nursing services. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Companion Care Services

Companion Care provides those living alone with company, conversation and a committed care team member. Companion Care is important to sustain those who struggle with isolation, which can cause many emotional and physical health issues. This service can provide a sense of security to your loved one, while giving family members who live far away peace of mind with constant communication.

Respite Care Services

Caring for a loved one is both rewarding and exhausting. Whether you’re caring for a parent, child or disabled sibling or spouse, at some point you will need a break for a few hours or a few days. Our Home Care Team is available to help.

Our team is here to provide that personal care assistance that your loved one needs, while you rest and recharge.

Hospice Care Support

When caring for your loved one, the time may come to focus on comfort rather than care. Hospice is a wonderful service that is a great assistance to family members when their loved one is nearing the end. However, hospice does not provide 24/7 care. That’s where our Care Team can assist with Hospice Care Support. We can fill in those gaps and provide the personal care, companionship and emotional support that is needed.

Personal Care Services

PrimeCare’s Home Care Team is ready to assist clients with Personal Care Services. These services are designed to provide long or short-term assistance for individuals who need help performing one or more activities of daily living. The expertise and training of our care team allows us to provide a wide- range of care services to seniors, as well as adults and children with disabilities.

Bathing and Showering Assistance

Assistance with Dressing

Personal Hygiene and Appearance Care

Walking Assistance

Assist with Restroom Use

Incontinence Care

Assistance with Morning and Evening Routines

Dementia Care

Skilled Nursing Services

Our medically trained staff at PrimeCare can provide in-home skilled nursing services to our clients. If you have need of a nursing service that is not listed, please contact us for additional information.

Visiting Nurses

Medication Set-Up

Medication Administration

Insulin Injections

Wound Care

Dressing Changes

Catheter Care

IV Therapy

Ostomy and Colostomy Care

Nutrition Care Services

As your parent or loved one ages, they may begin to lose interest in food due to loneliness at meal times, inability to cook, or reduced sense of taste or smell. PrimeCare’s team of caring professionals can help to plan, encourage and assist with nutritional needs.

Meal Preparation and Clean Up

Menu Planning

Monitoring Diet

Encourage Proper Nutrition

Assistance with Eating/Feeding

Observe and Report Meal Accumulation, Food Storage and Cooking Equipment Failure

Housekeeping Services

Living in a clean and organized home provides a greater sense of well-being and good health. Cleaning is important to not only remove germs that cause illness, but also prevents potential fire hazards caused by grease build-up. PrimeCare will make it possible for your aging parent or disabled family member to continue to enjoy living in their home safely.

Clean Living Area

Wash Dishes and Keep Kitchen Clean

Remove Trash

Vacuuming, Sweeping, Mopping and Dusting

Laundry and Ironing

Linen Change/Make Bed

Clean Bathroom

Medical Assistance Services

The Care Team at PrimeCare offers a variety of medical assistance services to fit the needs of your parent or loved one. Each care plan is uniquely designed to best serve each client, ensuring their safety, wellness and overall health.

Observe & Report Changes In Patient Condition

Medication & Vital Sign Monitoring

Document Patient's Liquid Intake / Output

Arrange Medical Trips

Pick Up Prescriptions

Provide Watchful, Overnight Supervision of Patient During Absence of Caregiver

Home Management Services

Home management is an important part of your loved one’s ability to maintain their independence. Simple tasks like picking up prescriptions, mailing bills or grocery shopping can become difficult over time. Our Care Team can assist with that never-ending list of chores, while your loved one can relax knowing that everything is being properly handled.

Grocery Shopping

Assistance with Paying Bills

Assistance with Mail


Supervise Home Maintenance

Assistance with Food Stamp or Other Applications

Mobility Services


Rely on Primecare’s Home Care Team to provide you or your loved one with excellent one-on-one care. Whether you have a medical condition or limitation, our team will make sure your day-to-day life is smooth and hassle free.

Transfer and Walking Assistance

Encourage Physical Activity

Assist with Simple Exercises established by a Nurse or Therapist

See What Some Of Our Clients Think!


“I can’t put into words just how thankful we are for PrimeCare.  I moved in with my daughter after getting very sick and unable to live on my own.  I was so worried about being a burden on my daughter and her family because I needed so much help.  My aides help me every day by preparing meals, cleaning up after me and helping me get a bath.  My daughter can go to work and not worry about me while she is away and I don’t feel like a burden. My daughter and my aides make me feel loved.”


I’m very confident about PrimeCare and everything is going very well.  I’ve been with PrimeCare since 2014 and have had some good aides and help and I appreciate everything everyone does for me.  They all do good work and I’ve had comments about how clean my home is and it’s all because of my aides.  I love everyone and I wouldn’t be where I am today without PrimeCare.  I’ve come a long way since I first became a client and they all go above and beyond the call of duty.  I’ve had a lot of different aides and in all those years there has only been one aide that wasn’t a good fit. I am so grateful to have them all.