Jenell Bowman

RN Nurse Supervisor

About Jenell

Jenell is the Nurse Supervisor for PrimeCare Nursing Services.  She earned her RN degree from Dalton State College and has been employed with PrimeCare since 2012.  Jenell began her career with PrimeCare as a part-time employee and one month later moved to full time employment as a Supervisory Nurse.  She received the Employee of the Year Award in 2013 for her hard work and dedication to PrimeCare and their clients.

In 2014, Jenell was given the opportunity to shine as Nurse Supervisor.  She believes that a supervisor must be approachable, kind, compassionate, and objective.  In 2018, Jenell became the caregiver for her father and had to move him into her home.  This opportunity has given her insight to the challenges clients and their caregivers face on a day-to-day basis.

“Because clients are often limited, we must remember that they are doing the best they can adjusting to their limitations. We should always be patient in helping them with their daily routines,” remarks Jenell.

Jenell is dedicated to ensuring that all clients are provided with the highest quality care. The care must help clients with their day-to-day lives, while allowing them to maintain their dignity and independence.


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